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  • QX Inspiration concept previews an electric INFINITI for the future
  • Combines an electrified all-wheel drive powertrain with SUV body
  • INFINITI plans to launch a range of high-performance electrified vehicles which offer complete range confidence
  • QX Inspiration introduces a new INFINITI form language for the era of electrification
  • Design underlines potency and character of electrified powertrains
  • Exterior design based on the principles of modern Japanese design and architecture
  • New electric vehicle platforms enable the creation of spacious, relaxing, lounge-like interiors
  • Artistic, hand-crafted interior is infused with Japanese DNA
  • New in-car technology follows Japanese 'omotenashi' approach to hospitality, creating a welcome environment while assisting drivers and connecting occupants

The INFINITI QX Inspiration is a mid-sized SUV concept previewing the brand's first fully-electric vehicle. As a company with technological and powertrain innovation at its core, electrification is a natural next step for INFINITI, and the design study previews the brand's plan to launch a range of high-performance electrified vehicles which promise an engaging drive and deliver range confidence. The INFINITI line-up of the future will consist of a range of electric, e-POWER and performance hybrid vehicles.

The QX Inspiration signals a new era for INFINITI design enabled by technology, with a form language hinting at the potency and character of electrified powertrains. The new concept sets a direct precedent for the company's first fully-electric production car, illustrating how new architectures and technologies are influencing modern INFINITI design. It also draws on the Japanese spatial concept of 'Ma', demonstrating how open spaces between lines create tension and builds anticipation.

This Japanese DNA continues into the cabin. The interior of QX Inspiration is hand-crafted using traditional techniques and a choice of materials inspired by a subtle Japanese sensuality. The development of new electrified vehicle platforms enables the creation of spacious, lounge-like interiors influenced by 'omotenashi', the Japanese approach to hospitality. Providing a seamlessly enabling and instinctive experience, the cabin incorporates technologies to create a welcoming environment, while assisting drivers and connecting occupants to the world around them.


 The QX Inspiration marks the beginning of a new generation of INFINITI cars and establishes a direct blueprint for the brand's first electric vehicle. Based on a new, dedicated electric vehicle architecture and inspired by INFINITI's Japanese DNA, the SUV concept previews a product portfolio which will offer high performance, ultra-low emissions, and total range confidence.

- Christian Meunier, President, INFINITI