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LOS ANGELES – In November, global superstar Aloe Blacc helped INFINITI unveil the all-new 2022 QX55 in a one-of-a-kind concert experience. The two were a perfect match.

For INFINITI, the all-new QX55 represents a return for the brand to its soul — a daring shape paired with a serene interior meant to turn heads. The 2022 INFINITI QX55 is the spiritual successor to the groundbreaking FX, which also featured an elegantly curved roofline and thrilling proportions.

Aloe has earned fame for his soulful lyrics, thrilling performances, and impeccable style. In addition to chart-topping hits such as "I Need A Dollar" and "Wake Me Up," Blacc's music has become rooted in his family and soul. After his performance, we caught up with Aloe to talk about the luxury SUV, his songwriting, and how he lives his life on center stage.

INFINITI: How was your day today with the all-new QX55?

Aloe Blacc: It's pretty awesome. I love performing, so that's No. 1.

I got a chance to perform and sing the songs that I love, and also to just be in company with such an amazing vehicle. It's pretty awesome.

INFINITI: Where does your music come from? What do you like to sing about?

Aloe Blacc: Inspiration is key. When I started to learn how to sing, I decided I'm not going to brag about myself. I'm going to use that energy to uplift other people and brag about other people. So, the songs that I write and sing these days aren't really about me. They represent the motivation and inspiration that is available to everyone.

INFINITI: When did you first realize that you would live your life on center stage?

Aloe Blacc: It's odd, but I got laid off from my job as a strategy consultant. And I thought, "OK, before I go get another job, I'm just going to try music for a little bit."

Music kept choosing me, and opportunity after opportunity started to come in. And eventually, I found myself flying around the world to sing to people in different countries. And I realized, "OK, my life is going to be on center stage for quite some time."

INFINITI: Did you ever doubt that decision?

Aloe Blacc: At first, I wasn't absolutely sure. But eventually, I started to realize this is an opportunity to live boldly.

It was an opportunity for me to just take life by the horns and direct where I wanted to go. And to live with full intention — and live from my dreams.

INFINITI: What do you think about the INFINITI QX55?

Aloe Blacc: Very nice lines. This is classy. It just looks sleek, and it feels like it's quality.

That's ultimately the only thing I ever want to work with is quality. From the musicians that I pick, to the food that I eat, to the car that I drive. To know that it was crafted with intention and purpose and that there's quality behind every measure of it.

INFINITI: What's important about your career and songwriting?

Aloe Blacc: Continuing legacy is everything to me.

So, I think about the way that I make music and what it's going to stand for when I'm gone. And my goal is to use my voice in a way that will remain for many, many generations after me.

INFINITI: Do you think objects like the QX55 can have a soul?

Aloe Blacc: I feel like the things that you love that are built with intention and purpose certainly have a soul. As an artist, whoever the architect of that thing — whether it's a beautiful vehicle or a great tailored suit — there is a purpose and an intention from the creator, from the architect.

I think soul lives within the object.

INFINITI: What does soul mean to you?

Aloe Blacc: Soul means purpose, and soul means thoughtfulness.

I use those words to drive what I do as an artist, but also as a person. I want to live with soulful intention and share that ideology with my kids and with my friends.

I've listened to soul music from the past, and I think about those artists who had purpose and intention: Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye — that's the kind of music I want to make.

INFINITI: What is your perception of style?

Aloe Blacc: Wow. I mean, style and design attract the eyes. When I look at Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis, they always look good. They're always in a really crisp, well-fitting suit.

You can't ever deny something that is classic and something that is quality. So, I figure I should do the same. If anybody ever doubts that I do anything well, at least they know I dress well. And if they never hear me sing, so be it. But hopefully they hear my music, too.

INFINITI: Where do you want to go as an artist?

Aloe Blacc: Really, at the end of the day, what I'm all about is creating positive social transformation. And that can happen either through the lyrics that I sing; whether they help to motivate you and inspire you, or it could just be just in the way that I carry myself around in the world as an artist, as an activist, as a human being, standing up for people who need help, and standing for righteousness and justice.

INFINITI: A very bright light.

Aloe Blacc: Always being a bright light.

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